I’ve been teaching since I left university. It started with the idea of travel and not wanting to work in a science lab or spend more time in uni. I taught ESL in Japan and then moved on to teaching in Korea, where I was the first of my friends to start a blog! I didn’t think people were reading it back home (Ohhhhh…they were!) and I didn’t think about my audience (should have, no ISTE standards back then). I moved back home and worked for a bit at a call center and then as a counsellor in Virginia where I learned that I liked structure. These last jobs didn’t offer much savings potential so I turned to factory life! This allowed me to save money for continuing my education (B.Ed).

After getting my teacher creds, I spent the next few years up north and overseas. I taught Information Communication Technology in elementary school and started an iMovie club. I have experience working with iPads in elementary, 1:1 computers in secondary, a few different online learning systems, and in a STEM program. I’ve also completed the Google Educator 2 program and may try the Trainer program later.