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PLN & Collaboration

Here is my Oscar Collaboration acceptance speech: I’d like to thank my colleagues for volunteering their time, team 6 for helping to take the students to the ES, Ms. Moon for agreeing to answer student questions, grade 6 students for agreeing to do interviews even though I told them they *wouldn’t* be famous, and Cohort 12 folks for their time, encouraging words, creative ideas, and insightful questions.

Picture Book Writing Presentation by Mr. Rago (I can’t embed media at the moment, please enjoy the link)

Art and Design teachers gave some tips and tricks and the Design teacher helped me get set up with school iPads, English teachers facilitated the writing process and storyboarding, Kindergarten teachers agreed to have their students interviewed, and HS AP art students were going to offer feedback on the illustrations, but then we went to virtual learning, so I cancelled the visit. HS English students were also scheduled to visit to give feedback on the writing, but the teacher and I decided to do this digitally, using Sheets.

Here is a Presentation of Collaborative Evidence (media uploader still shows processing error)

Ms. Moon, a parent and local children’s book author and illustrator, also helped with responding to student questions about writing and illustrating children’s books and she even gave suggestions for local printing places and quotes.

I didn’t spend much time with my online PLN as I was collaborating with teachers at my school and a parent in my community. I did join in at times with the Twitter chat, to offer encouragement and relate to others. I didn’t offer any advice, or have any tips, as I don’t create formal videos nor did I have the energy to engage. I am grateful for those that did share video creating tools and ideas (spoiler alert, I’m using them all). I really have no idea about doing a formal video presentation but am encouraged by the online comments from Cohort 12. My students do videos all the time so how hard can it be? Or is this what my students feel like?

Right now, building my online PLN is not a priority. I have other things to worry about or which frustrate me. Maybe if I had started this course 2 years ago, I would feel more connected to people and have more positive, uplifting things to say, or more energy to engage and deep dive into online content or cool tech stuff but I don’t. I used to. I don’t right now. I look forward to chatting more with COETAILERS in the future.





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