C4 Final Project: Unit Outline

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Why do you think this unit is a good possibility for your Course 5 project?

I’m currently doing this unit. I used this unit two years ago but this year I have made many adjustments, due to ideas from this course and also using NGSS 3D learning ideas. I want the students to go further with sharing their solutions and bringing awareness to this problem.

How will the ISTE Standards for Students that you chose enhance your students’ understanding of the content?

I have chosen ISTE standards for students that focus on using tools to: record and share feedback, facilitate the design process, collect data, constructively collaborate in teams, and communicate complex ideas clearly. All of these standards relate to science and engineering skills as found in the NGSS.

What has influenced you the most during COETAIL and how is that reflected in this final project?

The importance of using authentic audiences; students are engaged and feel they are helping others and contributing solutions so learning is more intrinsic and deep. They can also practice developing their presentation to fit their audience.

The idea of inviting local experts into the learning environment so students can see that learning is collaborative and social. It’s also helpful to get feedback from experts  and to ask appropriate questions to further learning. It’s a solid way to build community partnerships and to ensure longevity of student organized campaigns year after year.

The concept of group learning and how collaborating with others is a huge social skill that students need to be taught and given time to practice. Groups are capable of coming up with their own roles, forms of assessments, etc.

What are some of your concerns about redesigning this unit?

I won’t be able to get enough community members to work with student groups. I won’t be able to get school staff to help me in reaching out to community members (translators). Community members won’t have technology or software to use in order to video conference with students as visiting the school is not appropriate at this time. Student solutions aren’t empathetic to the local population. Students and parents will want individual grades not group grades. Local groups won’t be able to visit the school to view the presentations, they will be done online instead. If this happens, how do I build community/familiarity between student groups and local groups over an online platform where the local groups may be made up of older people who may not be tech literate or have this support?

What shifts in pedagogy will this new unit require from you?

I am facilitating more inquiry cycles and formative feedback cycles. I’m reaching out to the community and trying to build partnerships during a pandemic and in a location where most of my students are only visitors, not full time residents.


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