C2W6: PD unit on copyright and protecting personal info/data

Work collaboratively to plan a teacher PD on the ISTE standard 3: Citizen

Course 2 Final Project

How did you find your group for this project?

I emailed my instructor to help connect me to other people as time was running out; it had been stressful for me with planning the end of year where we were virtual learning but then not. My plan in the beginning was to check blogs that were being updated and then reach out through blog comments or email to inquire about collaborating.

A couple of people got back to me via email, which I appreciate. My partner was also looking for someone to collaborate with and was the first person to reach out. We were in touch over email and then G Hangouts. Our time zones weren’t very different so it was easy to schedule conference calls.

How did the collaboration aspect of this project go? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them?

I believe our collaboration went well. I created a planning doc, shared it, and then we discussed what should be included or not. Afterwards, we divided the parts/standards and went to work. We checked in a couple of times to see how things were going; clarified ideas, asked questions, and gave suggestions.

Challenges we faced and their solutions:

  • not much experience creating a PD for teachers – I thought about what PD experiences I enjoyed and my partner surveyed some of his colleagues. We shared this information with each other and tried to include the suggestions in our PD activities.
  • using G apps while in China won’t work – need VPN or to know similar Chinese apps
  • balancing differentiation – we wanted to keep in mind the suggestions given for enjoyable PD experiences but also needed to add G apps and tech tools
  • deciding how much detail to plan – we went over the rubric and instructions as we were unsure if we had to actually make a slideshow presentation of our PD. We thought it is a plan so let’s plan it out on a Doc.

Why did you choose this option? These standards?

In the beginning I was up for any option. My partner wanted to do the teacher PD option and when he explained his reasoning, I agreed. We each created a unit plan for Course 1’s final project for students. Trying to create a PD for teachers was different and I know as an MS teacher, I usually don’t get the chance to create PDs for other staff. It was a challenge; something new.

The standards were part of the assignment criteria. I decided to do 3d. because I was interested in privacy. The other standard I did was 3c. as c comes before d so it was a decision based on consecutive lettering.

How was this learning experience different from or similar to other learning experiences you have designed?

I usually design learning experiences for MS students. It’s different in that it didn’t need to be as detailed or consist of many similar activities. I felt comfortable that the teachers could think of what they wanted to learn and then find that information on their own in a timely fashion. With younger students, I would usually post resources for them to use for research and then move them to more independent research as the year progresses.

The structure was similar with using a hook for engagement, asking focus questions, having participants connect to the topic, providing activities and a reflection or closing while also demonstrating and using tech tools or G apps.

How does this experience relate to what you learned in Course 2?

Global Collaboration and Empathy

Picture it: England, winter of 1843. Working on my own, I don’t have to ask about another person’s perspective or opinion. I can make changes whenever I want and I don’t have to take the time to check in and have a chat about schedule or organization. I don’t have to listen to my nephew ask if he can put another coal on the fire, I can be by myself, lonely and old like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Collaborating afforded me more time to work on specific parts of the PD, it gave me new ideas, it gave me someone to share ideas/ask opinions, it kept me aware of the time and schedule and held me more accountable to get my share done. It also made me more aware that some apps and tech tools aren’t available in every country, which leads to questions about equity.

By sharing information and collaborating together, we can build empathy. I learned more about another teacher. Reaching out for help in connecting, helps me to reach out to others to network with and to build my PLN. Maybe we can fix the world, from Me to We.

Responsible Use Policies and Child Protection and Privacy

In the future, I would like a more comprehensive RUP for teachers at my school that uses ISTE standards for educators AND includes a focus on child protection/privacy issues. I would like this posted on the school’s website, in the teacher handbook, on the HR website, and on the MS tech’s website.

The RUP for students is based on the ISTE standards for students. Students get a printed copy of this BUT I would like to find an online version posted or saved in the network.

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