C1W6: Unit Plan on diseases

  • I decided on this unit as I needed to do a life science unit and the topic is very relevant. I decided to start the unit, not at the beginning of life, but in the middle, full of diseases. I still need to find a way to include poop pills (it’s a real thing, I swear). The more disgusting, the better, which is why I like teaching life science units. What do you think: do students remember disgusting or gross things better? I may change the title later, at the moment I’m tired and can’t concentrate any more on planning or thinking. I think it is sad to be doing this unit outside of school as this would be a great unit to do hands on activities with the students. I guess they can still try at home but then I’m concerned about what resources are available.
  • This unit relates to course 1 topics in that I tried to follow Kim Cofino’s Steps for designing a learning experience. I also thought more about how students could share their ideas for peer feedback, what an authentic audience would look like, using the design cycle more, and making this unit relevant. I didn’t think much about the tech tools that students will use, I thought more about what students will share. I need to think more about this and how to adjust my lessons to a more blended learning approach as virtual learning is extended in my area. I have to make changes, which also includes cutting back my activities due to the nature of online learning. Do you find you have to keep lessons simplified during virtual learning? I feel like I should have a million views on youtube right now because I finally have my own channel. Spoiler: it’s ALL instructional videos.
  • I hope students experience what it’s like to design and develop their own investigation, to give and receive feedback, to use models to show their understanding, and to explain their reasoning for success criteria and the test they use to measure the effectiveness of their product. I feel this may be too much right now, but we’ll see.
3 comments to “C1W6: Unit Plan on diseases”
3 comments to “C1W6: Unit Plan on diseases”
  1. What a catchy title to your unit! Thanks for sharing your thinking about the how’s and why’s of this redesigned unit. I agree with you, usually the grosser the better to engage students! I value the way that you are thinking about this better being an in person unit rather than for online learning.Congrats on the YouTube channel…where is the link?

  2. Hi, Melanie! I will start just telling you that I could definitely benefit from taking a course with you on creatively naming units. The title of your unit didn’t only make me laugh and sing to the rhythm of Beyonce (rhythm, not voice, just to clarify) but also engaged me right away and invited me to read your plan.

    I really like how pertinent and relevant the unit goals are given the current circumstances of the pandemic we are experiencing. What a great way of framing your essential questions in an open-ended way.

    You are integrating a lot of technology in this unit, that is for sure, even sensors on cell phones, wow. I love that you are going to use Google VR. I would like to know how it goes as I am planning on implementing this in my school. Did you create your VR viewers or does your school have those available for you? Do you have any suggestions on which ones to buy?

    I am really curious about many of the videos and resources you mention, it would be wonderful if you could create the links on the Google doc (and in my experience, it will make it a lot easier for you next time you facilitate this unit).

    Thank you for sharing, Melanie! 🙂

    • Hi Luis,

      Thanks for your comment! Beyonce is a great singer.

      The technology list was all things I could think of to do. I’m definitely not going to have time to use all of it, but I like having ideas available that I could use in the future.

      Regarding VR; my school uses Google Cardboard. They also bought more generic cardboards from China. Students liked using them for about 10-15min but then a lot of them reported feeling sick or dizzy. It’s also works to use VR without the cardboard. Google expeditions is great too.

      We also have a HIVE VR system in a green walled room. That is really cool, it’s an immersive experience. I was climbing Mt. Everest. I had a headset and controllers but it was like I was there. What I see is also connected to a TV outside of the room, which other colleagues could see. Only one person could use it, but it could work with small groups!

      I’ll try adding links to the tech list over the next week! That’s great idea, thanks Luis.

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