C1W3: Connected Learning


to increase student collaboration while virtual learning

Actionable steps

1. research: search Google

2. set up a format for students to use for ongoing collaboration

3. use engaging materials to start collaboration

4. reflect on collaboration and get feedback from students

5. refine collaboration resources and materials

Time Frame

Two weeks: 2 days for searching, 2 days to set up a format, 3 days of planning/searching for materials to engage, 1-2 days to reflect and get feedback from students, 1-2 days to refine or make improvements based on feedback.

Research Skills

I will use the Google search tips and tricks to better and more efficiently search Google for information about increasing student collaboration while online virtual learning.

Networks for Learning

Eduro Learning has a page full of helpful links for virtual learning.

Fbook school tech groups have compiled a list of ed tech companies that are providing free versions of their apps to schools that have had to switch to virtual learning (VL): Wakelet List (Grades 1-5), Amazing Educational Resources (@Nick Hoover), Free online resources for Families (Grades 1-5)

Fbook STEM group has come up with ways of involving students in STEM while schools are closed: CS Unplugged, Virtual Flipped Classrooms (Rozzy), Rozzy (sign up for free trial).

Empathesizing with Learners

My school decided to stay with the normal lesson schedule so students and staff are meeting synchronously. I find it difficult to sit and be at my computer for the length of my classes each day. I’m sure my students feel the same way. I want to add more movement breaks to my class time. I think it’s helpful in using live video/voice conferencing as I can see that they are okay and they can see me; it helps to keep some semblance of normalcy.

If your school has moved to remote learning, what are some routines that have helped you with balancing screen time and active time? Any fun little online games or fads that your students enjoy playing (like Nyancat)? How have you encouraged your students to collaborate while learning virtually and how do you use the collaboration evidence (data, reflection, for student’s own use, ?)?

One comment to “C1W3: Connected Learning”
One comment to “C1W3: Connected Learning”
  1. Hang in there Melanie! Online learning is all a bit messy to begin with. We had two days last week! Some tools that I might recommedn looking into which are helpful for collaboration and developing shared understanding are; Padlet, Flipgrid, Parlay Ideas. Hope that helps! Please reach out if I can help further!

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